Enjoy the experience

We specialise in supplying Jungle Gyms mainly in Gauteng, the Free State and Mpumalanga.


Playing is not to keep children busy (although it does that very well), but is essential in their development.  It gives a flying start where they need it the most in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.


That's why at CEWT, we are serious about playing!

02 Junior Jungle Gym 03 Moon Bridge 04 Merry Go Round 05 Helicopter on Springs 06 Sea Saw 07 Twin Swing 08 Bouncing Horse 09 Bus on Springs 10A Cradle Boat 11 Push Tyre 12 Drum Tunnel 13 Steering Combination 14 Jogging Barrel 15 Front Loader 16 Water Basin 17 Mini Trolley 18 Tri Cycle